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A unique values based window cleaning service providing outstanding service and perfectly clean windows. 


Call to schedule an appointment for your Solar Panel Cleaning (928) 202-8223

Green Window Cleaning has perfected solutions for safely scrubbing Sedona's solar panels since 2005. Residential rooftop arrays, parking shade structures, tracking mount and mid sized commercial utility arrays. There are many different factors throughout the Verde Valley that will determine how quickly and frequently photovoltaic solar panels accumulate dirt, pollen, bird and bug droppings and other debris. Call or email to discuss how frequently your system should be maintained to ensure a lifetime of high performance.  

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning prices start at $95

*if you schedule solar panel cleaning the same day as your window cleaning a discount will apply!

Call to schedule an appointment (928) 202-8223

Commercial / mid scale utility array solar panel washing service:

  • Unique mobile pure water washing system

  • Self contained for remote and difficult array locations

  • Adaptable to efficiently access any array configuration

  • Maximum work load is 45,000 panels per site.

  • Serving all of Arizona

Please give Jesse a call - (928) 202-8223 to learn how Green Window Cleaning will generate a unique plan of action to efficiently and safely access and clean your solar array. We will set a schedule that meets your timeline and has the least impact on your buildings daily operations. I look forward to working with you. 

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